Frequently Asked Questions is a ptc that pays in various coins using Doge, ETH, BTC, LTC, PayPal and more. You can earn money and you can advertise cheaply to make your business grow exponentially

Traffic exchange

In this section you can see ads in exchange for traffic balance This balance cannot be withdrawn, it serves to be able to advertise for free and get referrals for your favorite pages or if you have a power to send visits!

My Account is banned

If your account is banned, then we will not unban you. You either cheated (same IP as another users), or you completed CPA/GPT offers without completing the requirements.

How much time do payouts take?

Payouts are made each Sunday

If you've completed an offerwall recently: 14 days

If you did not : 7 days

How much are the referral rewards

Referral rewards EarnX

I have a referral, but not getting referral rewards

Referral rewards are different for each offer/PTC. Our own PTC have low referral rewards, while other promoters are high in reward

How to exchange EarnX tokens

Head to the "Money" menu on the leftside. And click "Transfer"

Which offerwalls do we offer?

- OfferToro -> Credits to Main Wallet
- AdGem -> Credits to EarnX Tokens -> use the "Money -> Transfer" function to exchange to Main wallet
- AsiaMag -> Credits to Main Wallet
- KiwiWall -> Credits to Main wallet
- Clix -> Credits to Main wallet
- WannAds -> Credits to Main wallet
- JungleOffer -> Credits directly on FaucetPay (different website)
- EngagedHits -> Credits directly on FaucetPay (differemt webiste)
- -> Credits to Main wallet
- AytStudios -> Credits to Main wallet

How to start earning

Quick guide on how to start earning on
1. Login to your EarnX account:
2. Head to the "Earn" section on your left menu bar.

CPA/GPT offers
- Good paid offers, but you need to fulfil the requirements.

- The earning depends on the advertiser. You Click the Square, wait the amount of time, and solve the Captcha. Once solved, you'll be rewarded with the amount.

Traffic Exchange
- The earnings from this section cannot be used for payout. It's only used for exchanging traffic. To get referrals or visits on your own website

Offer Walls
- Offer walls earn you the most money. You can even earn €33,00 for a single offer!

Youtube video's and Youtube subscription
- You can watch 30 video's a day. Just let it play and you'll be rewarded. 

Invite another user to Earn X (good money, for life)
-Find the link to invite someone here: